Management Principles
Value Creation at KOEI TECMO

The following section includes information about the mechanism of value creation at KOEI TECMO.

Value Creation Process

KOEI TECMO leverages its strengths, including its human resources and other forms of capital, to create societal value based on its ethos of "Creativity & Contribution" and drive sustainable growth using the following model.


※The numerical data is based on information as of the end of March 2023 fiscal year.

KOEI TECMO Strengths

Multi-Layered Revenue Cycle

"Creating new global IP","Developing hit IP into series","Leveraging our development capabilities to create collaborative titles "," Licensing out IP nurtured over the course of many years" This revenue cycle helps us secure robust, sustainable, and stable growth potential in the hit game business, where conditions often fluctuate dramatically.

  • Outstanding development, technical, and management skills

    In addition to our development and technical skills, which are the foundation of our creativity, we are able to comprehensively manage our game business and expand globally.

    • Power of Development

      At KOEI TECMO, our six brands consistently generate new entertainment, accumulating expertise in a wide range of game development genres, including simulation games, action games, RPGs, and games tailored for women. Games in various genres encompass a wide spectrum of expressions and diverse world views, ranging from fantasy-like 2D characters to photorealistic and highly detailed representations. Among these, the Asian world view centered on history and culture is a particular strength of KOEI TECMO, serving as a wellspring for developing innovative content.

    • Power of Technology

      A game engine is a collective term for a set of software and development environments designed to efficiently create high-quality games.

      The majority of our titles are developed using the "Katana Engine™," enabling us to swiftly adapt to new technologies and the needs of developers. We can provide both a standardized base development environment and individualized environments tailored to each title. This allows for efficient multi-platform deployment globally, resulting in high development efficiency.

    • Power of Project Management

      In KOEI TECMOʼs development process, we rigorously enforce project management to control game development strictly, ensuring the management of quality, delivery timeline, and budget. We establish milestones at each stage of the planning, development, and final stages of the process. Through this system, we have developed a strong project management to create high-quality titles while adhering to budget and delivery schedules.

  • Transcendent Human Power

    Our diverse workforce with outstanding abilities is our company's greatest asset, paving the way to our success.

    • Creativity × Business

      In the gaming industry,achieving sustainable profitability and building a thriving business are equally vital. We are passionate about instilling this philosophy in all KOEI TECMO employees. At the heart of our human resource culture and values lies the fusion of creativity and business acumen, This vision, and serving as the bedrock for our continued profitability and success.

    • Accelerating the Development of High-Quality Titles Through Synergy

      Since 2016 after the business integration, we have adopted a brand-based approach to leverage the unique strengths and diversity of each company within the Group. We swiftly integrated various aspects of our human resources systems, including salary levels, while ensuring that our talent can thrive in an environment that encourages synergy. The 2017 release of "Nioh" was a successful example of the synergy achieved through our business integration. It combined KOEIʼs expertise in Japanese history and culture with TECMOʼs knowledge in action game development, resulting in a high-quality title that brought innovation to the table. It became a hit, surpassing 7 million copies sold in the series.

    • A Human Resource Development System Driving Growth

      In the KOEI TECMO Group, we consider people to be our most valuable asset and the foundation of everything we do. Our human resource development policy focuses on cultivating individuals who are self-reliant and professional creators, promoting growth for both our employees and the Company as a whole.Based on a culture and values that emphasize the importance of having both "creative qualities as a creator" and "business qualities as a professional," we have established a framework to nurture talent and drive innovation.