We would first like to offer you our heartfelt gratitude for your warm and unending support.

In order to maximize our value as a company, we have implemented a variety of policies, venturing into new areas of business, improving employee education and training, and placing a consistent emphasis on cost reduction. With these, we have been able to steadily advance towards "Growth and profitability," achieving five consecutive fiscal years of increased profits.

As a part of the entertainment industry, we realize that our employees are our greatest resource. With that, we have done our best to create a system that will stimulate employee motivation and personal growth, with education and training programs to develop each individuals' innate abilities, and a personnel system that accurately reflects the hard work and contributions of the individual.

In the future, we will strive for greater growth and expansion. We will continue to create appealing new IP, expand popular IPs into a variety of venue, develop hit titles for the rapidly growing smartphone market, challenge new business opportunities in all areas, continue to collaborate with other popular IP and much more.

As we navigate through these exciting new times, we ask for your continued support and cooperation for our various endeavors.

President & CEO
Yoichi Erikawa