Management Principles
Basic Ideology


Creativity & Contribution

Corporate slogan

Level up your happiness

Management Principles

Create the Best Content Available Provide the most emotionally-moving experiences to customers through the creation of superior content.

Realize Continual Growth and Profitability Create a stable management base from which we can aim for continued growth.

Improve Employee Welfare Become a vibrant and attractive company through the improvement of our business performance and employee welfare.

Challenge new Business Areas We will continue to challenge ourselves in achieving something "new" that will still be of use to society.


The World's


Digital Entertainment Company

Long Term Strategies

Content Creation

Develop creative entertainment content in various fields to increase the fan base of KOEI TECMO products across a variety of age ranges.

Content Expansion

Expand our intellectual property across a wide range of different areas in order to increase our overall brand image and obtain new fans of our products.

Global Logistics

Promote the continued globalization of our overseas sales bases to obtain new overseas fans and increase profitability by reducing costs.

Product Concept

Quality & Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by delivering products of the highest possible quality.