For Individual Investors
Shareholder Benefits

This section focuses on the appeal of our company's stock and the benefits of becoming a shareholder.

Dividend Information

Dividends are received based on the number of shares owned.
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The profitability of our business has resulted in a high ration of operating income to net sales, even in the gaming industry, and with the addition of non-operating income from the management of surplus funds, we have achieved a high level of ordinary income margin. We have received profit growth for 12 consecutive fiscal years through our emphasis on profitability. The Company regards the return of profits to shareholders as one of its most important management policies, and its basic policy for returning profits to shareholders is a consolidated annual total distribution ratio of 50%, or an annual dividend of 50 yen per share, which includes dividends plus share buybacks.

Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Our Annual Meeting of Shareholders is held in June of each year. Shareholders can express approval or disapproval of proposals, as well as participate in managing the company.
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