Bringing Smiles to Everyone's Faces

Our goal is to create
a rewarding workplace by developing human resources, improving welfare, and promoting diversity.

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The Keystone of Diversity

We have established an environment and systems that enable diverse work styles. In addition, to promote women's activities and work-life balance, we are actively promoting the creation of a workplace environment that makes it easier for everyone to work.

Role of Female Managers

Chairman and Representative Director Keiko Erikawa is involved in management as a co-founder with her husband, President & CEO Yoichi Erikawa. She also participates in CG design, finance, welfare, human resources, and other areas while maintaining her household. She has broken through various social barriers by creating the world's first game for women and establishing the Ruby Party brand with a multimedia approach. Chairman Erikawa is the driving force behind the women in KOEI TECMO Group. Furthermore, she has been a long-time proponent of copyright protection for game software and contributed greatly to the international expansion of the gaming industry. With her achievements in having helped establish seven corporations, she received the Medal with Blue Ribbon in 2015. She continues to broaden her range of activities as a female manager and External Director for the Softbank Group.


Keiko Erikawa


Director & Managing Executive Officer
Mei Erikawa

Maintaining a Work-life Balance

KOEI TECMO Group has established a system to support women's careers and a positive work-life balance. The system includes childcare and childbirth leaves of absence. It also provides support for employees to return to work, fostering a corporate culture that encourages both men and women to take these leaves of absence and takes into account each individual's career path. We also provide a childbirth bonus (100,000 yen for the first child, 200,000 yen the for second child, and 2 million yen for the third+ child) and activities for the community of working mothers and fathers, "Penguin no Kai", a part of the employee's co-op organization "KT Kai".

Women in Management Positions

One of the KOEI TECMO Group standards is fair evaluations and treatment for all employees. Advancements and assignments are ability-based, with everyone being given a fair chance. In addition to providing an environment conducive to work, we have also arranged other support for advancing the careers of our female employees. Through this, we work to increase the role of women in the company, and improve the ratio of female managers and executives.

Human Resource Development

We develop human resources who can succeed globally. For new employees, we carry out training with well-developed curriculum. We offer a variety of training programs, such as overseas study training to allow employees to experience global trends at international events, and position-specific training to help employees develop management skills necessary for each step (young employees, mid-level employees, executives, etc.). We also provide financial assistance for seminars and correspondence courses to encourage employees to improve their skills.

Human resources development

FY2022 Accomplishments

Comprehensive employee training
  • Implementation of training programs: new employee training , follow-up training, "brother" system, mid-career training, rank-specific training, management training, and producer training.
  • Introduction of a variety of learning opportunities: lectures by external lecturers, diversity external lecturer training, internal lectures and study sessions on expert knowledge and latest technology, external seminars, English lessons, and online education.
  • Compliance training: harassment training, intellectual property (trademarks and patents) training, contracts, and legal training, and subcontract law training.
  • Participation in meetings on cutting-edge technology: CEDEC (online), overseas auditing training (GDC).
Environment and systems that enable diverse workstyles
  • Remote work environment tools: SSL-VPN, communication tools and video conferencing system, high-speed communication lines, and security measures.
  • Hybrid work system efficiently combining working from home/office to counter the coronavirus pandemic: implemented a flex-time system with no core times and reduced work time and provided an allowance for work from home.
  • Actively promoting childcare and childbirth leave.
    Return rate from childbirth leave: 100% | Rate of leave takers: 75.8% (men 66.7%, women 100%) | Return rate from childcare leave: 100% (men 100%, women 100%)
  • Paid leave acquisition rate: 85.4%
  • Established a system to ensure work opportunities up to the age of 70.
Establishing a long-term workplace
  • FY2022 job separation rate: 4.6% (average over past 3 years: 4.0%).
Work-life balance through the promotion of work efficiency
  • Reducing working hours by introducing a hybrid work system, improving operational efficiency, promoting DX, and providing labor management support systems.
Promoting multiple career paths
  • Promoting the advancement of personnel with advanced expertise, skills, and work experience as a group of Experts and establishing a system to enhance their expertise and encourage their activities.
  • Highly specialized study sessions by a group of expert professionals who share their own experience and expertise.
  • Established KOEI TECMO QUALITY ASSURANCE in 2020, and developed a system for promoting and rewarding employees (QA specialists) and new career paths for game developers in the expanding need for quality assurance (QA) work.
  • Implemented training for QA staff and new employee training.
  • Established an in-house recruitment policy.
  • Held career stage training for employees in their 50s.
Training for personnel for overseas development subsidiaries
  • Strengthened our development stance through actively nurturing personnel and promoting CG production in overseas development subsidiaries.
  • Of 1,572 game development employees (programmers, planners, and CG designers) in our group, 423 (26.9%) are employed at overseas development subsidiaries (as of March 2023).
Improving company cafeteria, dormitories, housing, recreational facilities
  • Construction of 2 new company housing buildings (69 units).
Improving the female managers and executives ratio(Domestic)
  • Female board members: 15.8% (as of March 2023).
  • Female managers: 7.8% (as of March 2023).
  • Female leaders in the CG division: 34.4% (as of March 2023).
Expanding employment of personnel with foreign citizenship
  • New graduate recruitment of personnel with foreign citizenship (15.8% joined in FY2021, 16.0% joined in FY2022).
Working condition and incentives
  • Achieved eight consecutive years of base salary increase (as of June 2023).
  • Provided awards and bonuses for outstanding developers and projects.
  • Hosted free lunches to celebrate achievements while taking precautions against the corona-virus.
  • Operated a support program for repaying student loans.
  • Raised the starting salary for new graduates to 305,000 yen (as of June 2023).
Support system for employees
  • Offered easier access to the harassment consulting service by setting up additional communication tools and groupware.
Promoting health managements
  • Implemented counseling service via e-mail and online.
  • Provided company assistance for vaccinations for the corona-virus and influenza.
Childbirth bonus policy
  • First child (100,000 yen): 13 births
    Second child (200,000 yen): 14 births
    Third child (2 million yen): 1 birth
Modern slave response
  • Compliance with laws and regulations.
UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 Transparency Statement
  • Include a clause requiring compliance with the Modern Slavery Act in templates for contracts with suppliers regarding human rights in procurement.

UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 Transparency Statement