Message From the President

代表取締役社長 襟川 陽一

With our ethos of "Creation & Contribution,"
we work toward the realization of a sustainable society based on profitability and growth.

In upholding our corporate ethos of "Creativity & Contribution," we within the KOEI TECMO Group have made it our mission to contribute to society by creating new values and enriching the hearts and lives of our users around the globe. With this philosophy as our purpose, we have engaged in various activities over the years. Looking toward the future, our primary corporate goal is to achieve SDGs in the long term while operating our business in an ESG-conscious manner.

Our efforts have led us to establish five materiality themes: environment, society, people, products and services, and governance. Through the advancement of these themes, we aim to enhance our corporate value and achieve a sustainable society.

In response to the demands of society, we have utilized our position as corporate citizens to actively engage in activities such as academic promotion and disaster relief. As a result of our partnerships, we have also contributed to regional development projects, allowing our IP to be used in various ways by regional governments, schools, and public transportation systems. In addition, based on our belief that our greatest asset is people, we have established training systems and programs that enable diverse human resources to demonstrate their abilities. In particular, we emphasize women's inclusion in the workforce and career development, and we aspire to create a comfortable work environment that encourages a variety of work styles.

In order to achieve our company's goal of becoming "The World's No. 1 Digital Entertainment Company," we believe that corporate governance with a high level of transparency and compliance is key. While strengthening our corporate governance policies, we will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society based on profitability and growth.

We hope to have the honor of receiving your continued understanding and support in our future endeavors.

President & CEO
Yoichi Erikawa