Corporate Governance
Our Basic Approach

The following section includes information about our company's basic approach to corporate governance and our code of conduct, which outlines appropriate conduct for employees.

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Our company's vision is to become the "World's No. 1 Digital Entertainment Company." By establishing a structure that maximizes the creation of new values through the effective use of the Group's management resources and knowledge, along with the fusion of planning and development capabilities, for example, we aim to become the world's No. 1 company, and to contribute to the creation of spiritual richness and vitality for customers around the world. To achieve this, we recognize that strengthening corporate governance is an important management issue in maximizing corporate values over the long term and on an ongoing basis.

The company's Group consists of a structure in which business companies are under the control of a holding company. The company is at the center of the Group's centralized governance, and strives to maximize corporate values for all stakeholders by optimally planning, operating, and managing the entire Group, as well as by overseeing the management of the entire Group.

The KOEI TECMO Group's Code of Conduct

Our company's Group has established the Group Code of Conduct below, and ensures that officers and employees thoroughly comply with it.

  • Basic principles

    • Adhere to the company ethos "Creativity & Contribution"
    • Pursue quality and satisfaction
    • Maintain high ethical standards
    • Comply with laws and rules of society
    • Respect and protect human rights
    • Respect intellectual properties
    • Manage information
  • For each stakeholder

    • For customers
      ① Create the best content and provide excitement
      ② Pursue customer satisfaction
    • For society
      ① Create new values and make efforts in new fields
      ② Develop products and operate services with high ethical standards
      ③ Contribute to society as a good corporate citizen
      ④ Exclude antisocial forces
      ⑤ Prohibit forced labor and child labor
      ⑥ Conserve the environment
      ⑦ Proactively contribute to society
    • For business partners
      ① Trade fairly
      ② Mutually develop with business partners
    • For shareholders and investors
      ① Disclose appropriate information
      ② Enhance corporate governance
      ③ Return profits to shareholders
    • For employees
      ① Respect personalities and individuality
      ② Encourage creativity and spontaneity
      ③ Provide a safe and healthy work environment
      ④ Perform fair evaluations and treatment
      ⑤ Improve welfare
      ⑥ Prohibit insider trading