代表取締役社長 襟川 陽一

We would first like to offer you our heartfelt gratitude for your warm and unending support.

In keeping with our ethos of "Creativity & Contribution", the KOEI TECMO Group continues to pursue its goal of becoming "The World's No. 1 Digital Entertainment Company" in order to enrich the hearts of users world-wide.

In order to maximize our value as a company, we have implemented a variety of policies under our management policies of creation and expansion of global IPs and steadfast advancement of our global business, such as venturing into new areas of business, and improving employee education and training. With these, we have been able to steadily advance towards "Growth and profitability," achieving 12 consecutive fiscal years of increased profits.

Based on the belief that our most important asset is our company's employees, a full education and training system has been prepared to promote the development of each person's skills. In addition, our company strives to create a system that encourages employee motivation and growth by, for example, establishing a personnel system that accurately reflects efforts and results.

In the future, we will strive for greater growth and expansion. We will continue to create appealing new IP, expand popular IPs into a variety of venue, develop hit titles for the smart phone market, challenge new business opportunities in VR and AI technology areas and much more. Along with that, we run our business paying keen attention to ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) as well as aiming to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the long term.

As we navigate through these exciting new times, we ask for your continued support and cooperation for our various endeavors.

Chairman Keiko Erikawa
President & CEO Yoichi Erikawa
Executive Vice President Hisashi Koinuma