Our basic belief regarding corporate governance

Following the group Ethos of "Creativity& Contribution," the KOEI TECMO GROUP pursues the creation of new worth and aims to contribute to our customers across the world and to society in general by becoming "The World's No.1 Digital Entertainment Company" developing group. For that, we have created an organization that can deal swiftly and effectively with the rapid changes in the market and set up policies to ensure management transparency. We also believe that a strict adherence to compliance management and internal controls is vital and have adopted the following management system in order to manage all of the above.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of 11 members (as of June 18, 2020), with 3 members being assigned from outside the company. They deliberate, vote, and report on items as determined by Board regulations. 4 auditors (as of June 18, 2020) also attend, with 2 of them being from outside the company to monitor Board decisions.

Management Meeting

Under the Board of Directors, we have set up a Management Meeting attended by the Board members, Company executives and Auditors. This Meeting determines general management related items based on the Directives of the Board of Directors.


We have implemented a system of Executives, and have initiated policies designed to enable prompt management decisions and appropriate execution of necessary work.


We have an auditing policy. Our Auditing group is made up of 4 members with 2 of them from outside the company. This group hold regular auditing meetings.

Accountants and Lawyers

We have employed KPMG Azsa LLC, an auditing company, to provide us with an accurate and fair audit. In addition, we have legal advisors and contract advisors to give us appropriate advice relating to law or contract related issues.

At our direction, our subsidiaries have implemented the same level of management and KOEI TECMO GROUP has solidified its management system across the board. Our subsidiaries undergo annual audits from our auditing division, in which they confirm that the management procedures are functioning as overall.