CSR Policy

The KOEI TECMO GROUP is dedicated to its Ethos of "Creativity & Contribution" and are continually pursuing activities that contribute to society.

We implement the KOEI TECMO GROUP Ethos of "Creativity & Contribution." We believe in the importance of contributing to society through improving our business and through a variety of CSR activities. As a part of the entertainment industry, we continue to actively strive to contribute to society through the advancement of learning and culture and through contributions at a regional level as well.

Activities for the Promotion of Scholarship

Through our work with the Japan Association of Simulation And Gaming (JASAG) and the Foundation for the Fusion of Science and Technology (FOST), we are helping to create a rich world, where simulation and gaming are used in education and training to merge scientific techniques with human society and culture.

JASAG activities

The Japan Association of Simulation And Gaming (JASAG) is an NPO created around researchers, businessmen, educators and others involved in simulation and gaming. Its purpose is to measure the advance of interdisciplinary methods and the rapid growth of scientific techniques in those areas. With connections to simulation experts in the field of international politics, as well as to researchers using economic simulations, our President, Yoichi Erikawa, has been a director of JASAG since its establishment in 1989. And as the first game developer to work with simulation games, has been supporting their activities ever since.

FOST activities

The Foundation for the Fusion of Science and Technology (FOST) supports research topics advancing the integration of scientific techniques into society and culture, including research into simulation and gaming. It asserts the importance of disseminating the results of that research in order to raise public awareness. Since 2007, FOST also sponsors the FOST award, an award presented to the most talented researcher into simulation gaming. President Yoichi Erikawa serves as Chairman for the Board.

Awards Ceremony, 10th FOST awards - Celebration party

Machi no Sensei

Every year, our Group sends "Machi no Sensei" to lecture at local schools in order to deepen the general understanding of the work of a game creator.

Scene from "Machi no Sensei's" class

Contributing to Districts and Society

We cooperate in activities that contribute to local and general society using our Group IPs. Among other things, we also promote an ongoing blood drive.

Contributing to Society as an Industry Group

Chairman Keiko Erikawa has been involved in the establishment of seven organizations (the Computer Software Association of Japan, the Association of Media in Digital, the Internet Rating Observation Institute, the Association of Copyright for Computer Software, the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association, the Foundation for the Fusion of Science and Technology, the Japan Association of Simulation And Gaming) and as a Board Chairman or Director, has actively promoted contributions to society in these organizations. In the autumn of 2015, she was awarded a medal of honor, the Medal with Blue Ribbon, from the Japanese government for her continuous efforts towards the development of the IT industry through the Computer Software Association of Japan.

Chairman Erikawa and President Erikawa at the Medal of Honor award ceremony

Tie-up between "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and the Yokohama City Transportation Bureau/KOHOKU Police Station KANAGAWA Pref.

For the 30th Anniversary of our title "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", we carried out a tie-up with the Yokohama City Transportation Bureau/KOHOKU Police Station KANAGAWA Pref. With a slogan chosen out of over 1500 submissions made from the general public, we devised unique posters incorporating officers from the world of the Three Kingdoms to use in a program to teach traffic manners and crime prevention.

Tie-up Posters of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"

Disaster Aid

Ever since the Great Earthquake of San Francisco in 1989, our Group has participated in disaster relief donations both in and outside Japan. Our contribution activities have been recognized and praised by both the Japan Red Cross and the Central Community Chest of Japan.

Relief Activities for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

In two years, 2011 and 2012, the KOEI TECMO Group contributed a total of over 100 million Japanese yen to the "Red Feather 'Disaster Volunteer/NPO Support Fund'" established by the Central Community Chest of Japan to support the volunteers and NPO activities operating a "Community FM Broadcast station" dedicated to transmitting and relaying information for living and recovery in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Our support of this NPO group was recognized as "the contributions of an industry/group to society" and we were presented with a Letter of Appreciation.

Letter of Appreciation

UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 Transparency Statement

UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 Transparency Statement